Threat of lightning increases in July

Your chances of being struck by lightning go up in the month of July, according to the National Weather Service.

The chances are rare but it happens.

NOAA released a report which stated between 2006 and 2017 376 people were struck and killed by lightning in the U.S.

The report stated that the common belief is the golfers are responsible for the greatest number of lightning deaths but that was shown to be a myth.

It stated that during a 12 year period fishermen accounted for more than three times as many for fatalities as golfers, while beach activities and camping each accounted for about twice as many deaths as golfers.

It also stated that men account for 80% of all deaths.

The report indicated that 70% of lightning deaths occurred in the months of June, July and August, with Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays have slightly more deaths than other days of the week.

In our region, a five year old boy died back in July of 2016 in Currituck County, NC.

The child and his family were at the beach visiting when he was struck and pasted away due to traumatic burns.

Below is safety information and resources regarding lightning:

Lightning Safety Tips and Resources – National Weather ServiceNational Weather Service (.gov) › safety


Missing teen wanted in connection to Chesapeake murder 

Chesapeake, Va. – A missing Chesapeake teen is now wanted in connection to a murder.19 year-old Hailey Jacobs is missing. 

Tuesday Police announced she has been charged with accessory to murder after the fact.

People on social media have been sharing her loved ones desperate pleas to find her on facebook. 

Her mother said the family is making flyers today and desparately trying to find her. 

Her stepdad told News 3 they haven’t talked to her since last Thursday.
That’s the same day reports of shots fired led police to Birch Trail Circle in Chesapeake.
20 year-old Dion Tynes was found shot to death in a car.

His loved ones are left grieving. 

Friend Rebecca Michelski said, “Dion would be the type to to give the shirt off his back.”

Two men were arrested right after the shooting. 

Davis Turner and Daquan Cuffee, both 20 years old, are accused of second degree murder among other charges. 

Chesapeake police want your helping finding Jacobs.

Call Crimeline if you know where she is: 888-LOCK-U-Up. 

Flooding in Portsmouth and Norfolk causing problems 

Norfolk and Portsmouth had flooding problems all day.
South Mowbray Arch was flooded at around 3 o’clock Wednesday afternoon. 

Brett Yarbrough woke up to his neighbor pounding on the door to let him know that his wife’s car was underwater in Olde Towne Portsmouth. 

He said, “Flooded up to its hood so that was fun, push ing that up the street to we got out of water. Great way to start a day.”
Yarbrough said three neighbors helped him push the car out of the water. 
The water was rising in the street was flooded at around noon on Dimwiddie Street. 

Neighbors said manholes on the block were covered up by city crews after it was spewing water in the morning. 

City offices in Portsmouth were closed at noon because of the weather conditions and are supposed to reopen at noon Thursday. 

“I couldn’t go into work this morning because of the sides of the street were flooded,” said Yarbrough. 
And they weren’t the only ones have a day off or a changed schedule. 
Schools throughout the area closed today because of the flooding. 
Chris Lowman said, “I went to 7-Eleven real quick and I’m like kids are out, must be a holiday or something.”

News 3 headed up to the Larchmont neighborhood of Hampton Boulevard during high tide which is another area known to have its issues.

Auston Landry was glad flooding was not too bad near his home. 
“Not that bad over here. I was expecting it to be a little worse,” said Landry. 
Megan Lowman said, “You have to go slow, a little bit it’s like your car swimming, but we haven’t had an issue yet.”

Some have the day off others packed their umbrellas when they left for work today but the water has been high and causing issues throughout the area. 

Code enforcement investigates overcrowding at foreign exchange student housing 

Foreign exchange students cramped into property in Virginia Beach, according to the students who live there.

Virginia Beach code enforcement said they investigating an overcrowding situation inside a house with several units that hold foriegn exchange students for the summer months. 

The property is located on the 400 block of 24th Street. They said they were told there were 40 people living at the location but they could not confirm that number. 

The property manager said there were some issues and some violations but he’s working with the city to fix all of the problems. 

He says the people living here are being taken care of. 

He said he had an extra 10 students living on the property then he was supposed to. He said he didn’t realize it was a violation. 

Some students told News 3 they don’t know where they’re going to live and one woman called her living conditions in the home horrible. 
The students come to Virginia Beach to experience life in America and work in hotels and various other places near the Oceanfront.

“I think it’s horrible,” said one woman who didn’t want to be identified. She said 12 men and women share one bathroom and there are no doors. 

Police said they were called to assist code enforcement on Tuesday. 

Several students told News 3 there are 6 people to a room. 

The property manager would only identify himself as Jim. He showed us a list of about 27 maintenance items that need to be fixed. He said he is working with the city. 

“It’s not acceptable and the city requests to correct it and we are,” said the property manager.

He said the students pay $80 per week to staying home. He admits there were too many young people in the various units. He said he didn’t realize he was in violation. 

He said,”The students are taken care of, they are well taken care of.

But some of the people living here would not agree. 

“There are no doors,” one woman said of her unit. She said, “everywhere is dirty.”

Other young adults said they don’t mind the close quarters. 
Jahi  Kadriji  said he doesn’t mind the house being so crowded

“I think that we have to move from here in one week so we have to find something else,” said Kadriji. 

The exchange students News 3 spoke to are from places all over the world Taiwan, Siberia, China and Russia. 

Code enforcement said the house is not condemned. The property manager said they did not receive any citations. 

Several of the students told me that they do not know where they’re going to be living.

Man accused of shooting at trooper and robbing bank with buddy will be sentenced today 

Virginia Beach, Va. – The two men accused of robbing a Virginia Beach bank and shooting at a Virginia State Police trooper will be sentenced this week.
Both have pleaded guilty to their crimes back in April. 
Rory Diggs and John Lewis pleaded guilty to charges of attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer, three counts of robbery and three counts of the use of a firearm.
Both men face a sentencing of up to four life terms plus 13 years. Diggs will be sentenced on Wednesday and Lewis will be sentenced on Monday. 
Rory Duke Diggs

Diggs and Lewis were charged in the December robbery of a Wells Fargo bank on General Booth Boulevard. Police records show the robbers escaped with $34,000. The robbers’ fleeing truck caught the attention of a State Police sergeant who was not involved in the bank-
John Anthony Lewis

robbery investigation. The trooper pursued the truck into a residential court, trapping the robbers there. Neighbors said the robbers opened fire on the trooper. A bullet grazed his head. The robbers got away.
Hours later police arrested Diggs in a nearby back yard. Lewis was arrested the next day.
Ten witnesses were called during the preliminary hearings, including the trooper who was shot at.
Monday we are expected to hear victim impact statements. 

Homeless vet gets new apartment and new start at life 

Night after night veteran Scott Roberts spent on the streets but now he has a new start at life.
For over ten years, Roberts said he struggled with PTSD as a result of the time he served along with having other issues.
“I lived in a van for a while. I lived in a warehouse, a lot of times I would find parking lots, quite a few nights I spent outside,” said Roberts. 
The Navy Veteran said he was on the list to get affordable housing, a process he called overwhelming, difficult and slow.
“I felt like I was slipping through the cracks and they stop that,” said Roberts. 
He is referring to Bill Ciccone with the group End 22. Bill started the group after his son committed suicide after returning from war. The young man suffered from PTSD. 
Ciccone got involved in helping Roberts secure the apartment and said he put pressure on the housing officials to get him in the apartment as soon as possible.
He also collected donations. 

“There so many different people that came together for one call common cause,” said Ciccone. 


Wendy Childers heard about the situation and wanted to help. She started the LCPL. Cody S. Childers Memorial Fund after her son was killed overseas.

Wendy posted Robert’s story online and said the donations started rolling in from people who hurt his story. They donated furniture, money, and food.
She said, “Within a day I think we have everything set for the apartment.

Robert also got a new set of wheels.

A car that was just donated to him got towed from his new apartment complex. 

Ciccone called and explained the News 3 was coming here to do a story about a homeless veteran and the car was a big part of the story. 
Roberts called too. 
About an hour later the tow truck company brought the car back free of charge and said they were able to confirm that the car was for a homeless vet.
“We got to help this guy get on his feet and get them started on a new life,” said Childers. 
A new life with his best friend Dozer, his dog. 
“I have Dozer. I have a lot of support from which I can go forward,” said Roberts. 

Most cats taken from condemned home in Newport News were euthanized 

Dozens of cats taken from a Newport News home and most were euthanized, according to the city. 
In total 63 cats were taken from the home, of those 8 were dead or died on the way to the shelter. 

A total of 55 were brought to the shelter but 45 were euthanized because they were aggressive or sick, according to city leaders. 

Three-year-old Cher, black cat is ready to find a forever home. 

Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter Manager Roger Iles said, “Cher is one of the success stories from that situation.”
And the situation was horrifying to some people who heard what happened to the cats. 

City leaders says an investigation started back in April after a citizen complaint about the condition of the cats and the home. 

It smelled of cat urine and feces when News 3 first went to the house in Tuesday. 

Raymond Veditz was issued 40 summons including animal cruelty, failure to care for a pet, illegal use of land, illegal up or operation of a feral cat commune, and not having rabies shots and licenses for the animals, according to the clerk of courts. 

Tuesday News 3 tries to talk to Veditz, but he did not say much after hanging up private property signs around his home. But city leaders say he is been much more cooperative with them since our story aired. 

They say the house was condemned June 15. 
Newport News resident Patricia Hores was so upset by the situation she says she wrote to City Council. She said, “He needs to be punished and he needs to pay the bill.”
A few of the cats have already found homes. 

Cher was deemed adoptable and looking for a home now. 
LJ is being evaluated medically by staff at the shelter and will hopefully be put up for adoption. 
“She surprisingly doesn’t get along with other cats despite the situation she was found and Drew. She is truly a unique animal and will find the right pet parent for her as we will for the other pet that are here,” said Iles. 
Veditz is expected in court July 27 for the charges related to the alleged condition of the house and the animals. 
City leaders say 99 acts were taken out of his home back in 2011 during a similar situation, however he didn’t face charges because he was cooperating with the city to get the animals out of the house. 
To contact the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter call 757-933-8999

They are located at 5843 Jefferson Ave in Newport News.